Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Use acupuncture and reduce your recovery time from 40-66%
After surgery, recovery time doesn't have to be as long and rehabilitation doesn't have to be as painful as it often is. Our Orange County acupuncture clinic can help you recover faster and get you back on your feet again.
Acupuncture treatments can be done in conjuncture with physical therapy treatments and can often be started way before a physical therapy treatments are possible. In most cases, patients doing acupuncture are able to start their physical therapy programs sooner than those who do not use acupuncture after their surgery.
Benefits of using acupuncture after your surgery
  • Promotes blood flow to the area. Increased circulation = faster healing.
  • Strengthens immune system, reducing risk of post-surgical infection.
  • Stimulates tissue to reduce stiffening of joints
  • Minimize inflammation and reduce scar tissue build-up
  • Natural, drug-free pain relief
When can you start acupuncture treatments after your surgery?
In the case of out patient surgery, you can get an acupuncture treatment as early as that day or the following day. In the case of an elbow surgery, where the arm is wrapped up, with the arm in a sling, distal acupuncture points can still be used to improve circulation and ease pain. Basically, you can and should start acupuncture treatments as soon as possible after the surgery.
We specialize in post-surgical acupuncture for orthopaedic cases, but we welcome patients who have had other surgeries to come in and fascilitate the healing process and regain your health. 
Most common cases we treat are:
  • Spinal surgery (Neck/back)
  • Rotator Cuff
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Knee Surgery
  • Hip Replacement
  • Cosmetic Surgery
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